Alternative wedding flowers: How to include succulents in your wedding

Over the past few years one of the biggest trends in weddings and home interiors has been the humble succulent. These days succulents are everywhere you look, and rightly so because they are amazing! But if you are mad about cacti and succulents how can you include them in your wedding flowers? Here's a quick guide:


Succulents make a great alternative wedding flower for boys wanting a buttonhole that's a little different. They last well out of water, can withstand a man hug and are really great to use if you are going for pastels or muted colours. They go with pretty much any colour scheme and can be added to rustic themes, geometric styles, romantic pastel looks or even funky colour pop weddings. For more buttonhole inspiration check out my badass buttonhole blog post.


I've made many a bouquet featuring succulents, they are a great way of introducing a muted bluey green colour and sit well with roses adding interest and texture to your bouquet

Cake flowers

wildflower wedding succulent cake flowers.JPG

Don't want your flowers to overshadow the wedding cake? Tuck a few succulents around the tiers and their muted colours will add interest without overpowering the main event. They look really good with subtle toned foliage like olive or eucalyptus.

Statement jewellery or corsages

If you are looking for the perfect statement necklace why not wear one made of succulents! Edgier than a traditional corsage and bound to be a conversation starter.

Favours and table centres

Succulents make great little favours and place card settings. Wrap them in fun paper, put them on your napkins, scatter them down your tables and everyone's a winner! If you're struggling to decide on table flowers read my table flowers blog post for inspiration.

Thank you flowers

Ditch the traditional aqua pack bouquet and give your nearest and dearest a terrarium to thank them for their help and support. They survive best with a little neglect - don't over water them or the roots will rot.

I've been a plant lover for a long time and need no excuse to work some succulents or airplants into my wedding flower designs. Take a look at my instagram feed to see how I've been working with them lately, or check out my wedding flowers gallery.