NAtural Funeral Flowers

All of our natural funeral designs are as unique and individual as the people they celebrate and we will help you to decide what is most appropriate to remember your loved one. Whether you want something in bright colours or more reflective tones it can be hard to know what the different designs are for and where they should go. We can include flowers from your garden, or if there are flowers that have special significance to you or your loved one we will try our best to include them or a seasonal alternative.

We are committed to offering naturally styled funeral flowers and as much as possible will use locally grown seasonal produce. We can vary materials to offer completely biodegradable or environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional funeral flowers. Here are a selection of some natural funeral flowers we offer for delivery across Scotland. We also offer bespoke funeral flower designs to suit your needs, so if you don't see what you want here please get in touch to talk about other options.



Willow Hearts and Crosses

These designs are environmentally friendly and can be laid on top of a coffin or grave. They are made of all natural and biodegradable materials and so can be used for green/natural burials. As well as wicker hearts we offer hoops and crosses. Designs can be provided in a variety of colours using locally grown seasonal flowers.

Prices start from £45

natural funeral flowers funeral sheaf.JPG

Funeral Sheaf

This is also known as a tied sheaf or flat back bouquet. This is placed on top of the coffin and can be made to any size. Like the casket spray it is designed to be seen from above and the side. After the ceremony it can be put in a vase for relatives to keep and is entirely biodegradable. You can also use multiple sheaves to create a "casket spray" shape on top of the coffin, allowing more than one person to place the flowers on the casket.

Prices start from £60


natural funeral flowers casket flowers.JPG

Casket Sprays

These are also known as single or double ended sprays, or coffin toppers. This is a large arrangement placed on top of the coffin and can be made to fit any size of casket. This arrangement is designed to be viewed from above and the side. They can be made in any colour using seasonal flowers and if you would like this to be environmentally friendly we have foam-free alternatives.

Prices start from £50 per foot



Funeral wreaths are one of the most popular tributes. These can be placed on top or alongside the coffin or can be used to mark the anniversary of the death of a loved one. They are designed to be viewed from above and can be made in a variety of colours with seasonal flowers. If you would like your wreath to be biodegradable or foam free we can make a wreath using all natural materials such as string, moss and willow.

Prices start from £65


Living Wreaths

This is an alternative to traditional floral funeral wreaths where the design includes planted elements. It can be laid on a grave or form part of the main funeral ceremony. Ingredients can include things like spring bulbs, succulents, ivy or flowers such as pansy, primrose or cyclamen. These are a great option for keen gardeners, and because they are plants they should last longer than traditional flowers.

Prices start from £65

natural funeral flowers posy (2).jpg

Garlands and Posies

Other options for funeral flowers include garlands to weave onto wicker coffins, small posies to be placed inside the casket or a basket of small posies or petals for guests to place on the casket or grave at the end of the ceremony. These can alternatively be placed on the coffin and then taken by the guests to the wake.

Prices for these designs are by quotation.